• Main course delicious chicken with roasted potatos and vegetables at The Ark
  • Appetizer enhancement at The Ark in Katy location
  • main course seafood dish with rice and vegetables at The Ark
  • cold menu offerings as a buffet platter at The Ark
  • Custom hosted bar service available

The ARK – Social Menus

The ARK in Katy is perfect for all types of social occasions. And we have a broad range of food options to meet the needs of any function. We have Appetizers, Trays, Action Stations, Fresh Soups, Salads and Dinners. Any of these can be served Passed, Plated or Buffet style. The ARK also offers Bar Service, which can be Hosted, Cash or a combination of the two. Click on the link below to see our full menus.

The ARK also prides itself on customization. Don’t see a favorite? Just tell us what you like and our chefs will get busy. Our goal is to make your experience with The ARK positive and easy. Come with a specific event plan or work with our Sales Manager – either way you’ll have a spectacular event.

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The ARK – Packages, Additional Amenities
& Bar Service

The ARK in Katy offers several Packages for your convenience. Whether you are looking for a room-only facility fee or a plated dinner with hors d’oeuvres and bar service, The ARK has a Package for you. The included amenities in each Package is generous- often an extra cost at other facilities. Pricing is either a room fee (Castle Package) or a per-person cost, which makes budgeting simple. Of course, you may tailor any of these packages to meet your specific needs. Your sales manager will be delighted to work with you to create the event you want. Browse through the document to see all of our Packages, Additional Amenities and Bar Service Options. Contact us with any questions. We look forward to hosting your event at The ARK in Katy.